Saturday, February 7

Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Amatsukaze - Rensouhou-kun - 1/7 (Aoshima, FunnyKnights)

so,i just got her the other day and just manage to open it today

So...let's start with the box...TADAAAA~~~~
the box got the nice orange colour on the outside and the lovely rare ship background on the inside.

the figure is wrapped in standard plastic wrapping,nothing special on it

Okay,now time to dig in.

First...the base

the base wasn't the one that came with the announced picture,but this one got it's own good ness, gotta love the simpleness with a kind of classy touch. would love it even more if the plate were to stand like 60 degree or something...
Next,the Figure (rensouhou first XD)

it got nice detail in here and there...a bit sad that none of it actually moveable including the cannon,but on the other hand,it's actually better that it doesn't have any moveable parts

the hair is kind of so so,

 sculpting wise the hair is fine except a small parts that can have an improvement

colouring wise there are some problem with the hair ban which the white rope paints got over the line and touch the red ban, some part of the hair are dark and next to it are light,no gradation (not sure is it intended or not) and there's a bit of colour miss at the bottom part of the hair,where it goes total white despite in the kind of dark gray area

the face is pretty nice and standart,just like what her face is in game

her clothes are made from rubber or silicon or w/e it is (i believe) as kinda like the nice feel it got from it

so now for the sad part
FACTORY DEFECT....meh..there's an extra plastic on the inside of her hand

also..the lower legs feels too long,her leg is actually longer than her body+head,not sure it is actually true to the game CG or not


  • Sculpting   = 7    >> everything is good but the leg and the defect thing for me
  • Pose          = 8    >> no moveable parts,straight to the point of simple but good
  • Base          = 9    >> nice plate and colour,not the same as announced,still love it though
  • Packaging = 10  >> simple and lovely,although...don't think the box matter much unless you                                      display her with her box
  • Painting    = 7    >> some area need fix,rest is doing fine

over all...i'd say 8/10 good for me

Monday, November 3

so,i've been having quite some free times these past few weeks..although not really free's just i have to wait for stuff and have nothing better to do,so i'm back on doing blogging..i guess..well...slightly i've been hooked on Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu..ending songs....and just up this blog to put lyrics..i guess XD

Kono twin tail ni yume to
negai wo komeru nda
Nabiku kami ni chikau you ni

Included in these Twintails,
Dreams and wishes
As I swore to the fluttering hair

Aisuru mono wo
Yami kara mamoru
Yuzurenai mono mune no naka ni hime

To protect loved ones
from the darkness
Hide those that important deep in heart

Jibun jishin no

Koeru beki kabe

Tachido maru wake ni wa ikanai no sa

A wall needed to be leap
by oneself
Can’t afford to stop

Akai yuuki to
Aoi aijou to
Kin-iro no kibou wo chikara ni

Brave Red
Blue Love and
Golden Hope as power

Tail on!!

Mugen no mirai wo
kokoro ni daite
Nakama wo shinjite kakenukete ikou

Unlimited Future
Hold it on your heart
Let’s pass through while trusting allies

Netsui no tamashii,
omoi wo hitotsu ni musunde
Mayowanai de tsuki susume!

Soul burning with passion
Bound into one with feelings
Moving forward without wavering

Hakanaku yureru
Tashikana jishin
Makerarenai riyuu ga soko ni aru

Fleeting and Shaking
Certainty in oneself
is the reason to not lose

Seigi no imi wo
Mitsukeru made wa
Furikaeru wake ni wa ikanai no sa

The meaning of Justice (TLnote : FLAT IS JUSTICE)
Until I found it,
I can’t afford to turn back

Moeru honoo to
Utsukushii mizu to
Hibiku ikatsuchi wo chikara ni

Blazing Fire
Glamorous water
and roaring thunder as power

Break release!!

Kanata ni kagayaku
Hikari wo mezashite
Konote de nozomu sekai wo kirihirake!

Aim for the light
Glimmering on the horizon
Break open your own desired world

Sora he to kakageta
kobushi wo tsuyoku nigirishime
Osorenai de tachimukau yo

To the hanged sky
Clench your fist strongly
Don't fear and face forward

Akai yuuki to
Aoi aijou to
Kiiro no kibou wo chikara ni

Brave Red
Blue Love and
Golden Hope as power

Mugen no mirai wo
kokoro ni daite
Nakama wo shinjite kakenukete ikou

Unlimited Future
Hold it on your heart
Let’s pass through while trusting allies

Netsui no tamashii,
omoi wo hitotsu ni musunde
tobitatsu no sa

Soul burning with passion
Bound into one with feelings
Is flying

Kanata ni kagayaku
Hikari wo mezashite
Konote de nozomu sekai wo kirihirake!

Aim for the light
Glimmering on the horizon
Break open your own desired world 

Sora he to kakageta
kobushi wo tsuyoku nigirishime
Osorenai de tachimukau yo

Towards the hanged sky
Clench your fist strongly
Don't fear and face forward

Nabiku kami ni chikau you ni

As I swore to the fluttering hair

                  = not sure as my japs kinda sucks 

Friday, December 30

Vanguard TCG

ok,just tried to play card fight vanguards

looks wise,it's great,might not as good as magic the gathering,but yeah,it's good enough for a change of pace...

card design,the japanese version of this card, is so damn thick....unlike magic(eng ver) which is quite thin, sadly,the english ver...has about the same thickness..."Orz

art wise,this card got anime-ish drawing which might be a minus points for some ppl that is not an ani-fan,and the art...kinda like a rip off from yugioh...


basically,the whole deck consist of 60 creatures...iono why,but bushiroad always love exact 60 cards in a deck,and afaik 4 cards is max numbers for construct in magic...

you can summon 6 creature to play,3 front,3 back,front for attack,back for support,and got up to lvl 3.basic bushiroad format..meh...iono why they always stick with 6 creature...i want to summon more...can't play beatdown....derpina

triger,unlike weiss that have climax,vanguard got trigger,which can be activated when your vanguard attack (center front monster) or your vanguard receive a hit

vanguard which is in the center front can be ridden same or higher lvl,iono with smaller lvl,but..why would you purposely downgrade your general

vanguard is + or - like your representative in the game,they can't be killed,but if they got hit by damage that has the same or higher power,you got damage counter(6 counter and you die..yes...iono why bushiroad seems to be a lazy company that only alter a few rules,and viola,new tcg)

the only downfall of this tcg
TIME...overtime,the cards will go overpower...and as usual japanese tcg know no such thing as restricted/banned...all they know is more money more win...and well...unless you are brainless like one of the character in vanguard anime(forgot the insignificant creature's name)

variation of creatures type (which is decided mostly with clan,not the type/race they belong) is quite good,well,partly because you can mix clan

well regardless of all that i said above,vanguard is still a good game to play(at least for the time being)...except if you got not much money..coz the booster cost same as mtg,yet you only get 1 rare,4 commons...which is painfull...coz mtg gives u 1 rare,3 uncommon and 11 common...and MTG only have 5 colours,while vanguard got like 14/16 clan...

Monday, April 4

anime talk for upcoming

lol....suddenly got the urge to write bout the recent here we go again....XD...hahaha....well all the things i talk about after this are based on my opinion/assumption upon watching the first eps of each of them...and prolly some info that i had known b4 if there are mistakes or incorrect or totally wrong thing(s)...don't blame me lol

Nana To Kaoru

this is the first anime i watched from the new season....not much to my liking....pretty much talking bout perverted things (which i couldn't understand...or i suppose lazy to think to understand it to be frank)..not much comment for this one.....blame me for losing interest in the midst of watching the first eps XD

Dog Days

first comment on this anime..."GG"...was expecting it to be a war like anime with moe chara....but end up to be a "war"'s like an athletic battle...with ppl who got tails and ears and they revert back to a cute animal doll like form...well...prolly gonna follow the anime because of the chara...wouldn't expect much from it's story


daily's say this anime is a mix of lucky star with seitokai no ichizon seiyuu (aka-chan and minatsu is there lol)...and aka-chan's seiyuu play as an idiotic char's very funny if u like idiot daily jokes....this anime is my fav so far for it's joke


hmm...mind blogging ones...if i'm not mistaken, this one is the continuation of Chaos;Headall i know about this anime is related about time and microwave....couldn't say much..since it's a mind blogging anime...if u know everting about it from the start...the anime will be a fail mind blogging one...i myself know not much bout it...hehehe

Hanasaku Iroha

spice of life,drama....a girl looking for a new life...but the new life is not anywhere close to the new life she imagine....she got to work in her grandma's inn and learn about the hard real life(that's why i prefer 2D...ok..let's set this aside LMAO)..might be a good one to follow if u like drama things

Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

last but not navel...anime with the charas i like most so far XD...
Photobucket's a ecchi it's a comedy it's a harem thus..story environments could be predicted already...I haven't play the VN nor read any synopsis bout it so i don't really know bout the real story line...but prolly it resolve bout the 3 guys and the girls around them...(considering it's from navel) got some quite nice seiyuu....pretty sure the narator is kyon's

Tuesday, February 8

This is about Angel Beats anime

haven't been in mood to write this up till now XD gomen...hahah

first my opinion about the's a good action comedy anime...and i think i did rate this anime "9" in has a good char design (sasuga KEY) and a good comedy....however...if compared to the story of other game/anime made by key...probably i would rate this as 6/7 only....and the story of Angel Beats really move from key's nakige(naki game, basically a game that makes the user/player cry) line..if u want me to rate it as a story that makes u cry...1/2 is probably the max,since this anime doesn't make you cry

why otonashi die first yet he come later?who was the creator of angel player?

some ppl ask this question and make up their own story, thus i think about it and came up with a conclution... since this is based on a fan imagination....don't complain XD

why otonashi came later? nope,he didn't
who is the creator of angel player? otonashi is

in eps 12 of angel beats,the converstion in the last room can be summarized as
1 love to the afterlife world is forbidden

"But on rare occasions,someone who lived a fulfilling live for the sake of others will wander in due to amnesia, that's when this kind of bug occurs, and that was the creator of angel player"

yuri: then what? within the npc there is on of us
program : yes,there is one...the progrogramer

program : he found love and wait for her who left this world alone

which if

otonashi who love her little sister comes to the world with amnesia, he found traces about her sister that had left the world already....he was hoping to be able to meet her sister again...thus he made the program.....however because he waited to long and can't hold sane anymore (stated in eps 12 as well) he made himself an npc....and meanwhile,he lost the memory he gain in the afterworld due to the reset (npc-fication)

then tensi came...see traces of otonashi as human...but as otonashi became npc already...she can't ask him....then when the program on otonashi broke and otonashi became close to her,she did all that otonashi had asked her since she was sure that he was her heart owner...despite that otonashi got no memory

confusing?...sorry then...XD...anyway...i'll post spoiler about sakura strasse lulli and marie line later on..coz i promised a friend to do so....but still lazy...since there's no deadline for it and it's not part of the work....been into back removal mood these past few days and now working on vectoring a pic with photoshop....i know vectoring is better with illust....but coz i was planing to just remove-back and redraw some part at the begining(but end up vectoring T.T) i start with PS

Monday, January 3

Bye2 my 1grand in a day

been a while since i post something here but since i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy today and iono why...just got the feeling that i want to put this up....thus i write it here XD

and the happy thing is

yay....i blew up 1k aud dollar today...hahhaha actually 1.1k


don't mind the "Acer" thing under the's just my laptop(which cost approximately half of the slr rounded up)

i really feel like a small kid who got a new toy LOL..

well with this camera...prolly i'll say good bye to my half error N73 which i've never been using recently aside to take pictures....

well,for the blog matters,i'm not sure whether i'll put up more stuff here...maybe i'll put a post once in a blue moon...if not i just put some pictures with a lil bit of comment

Tuesday, July 6 we go again...anime talk for the new ones....

same as before...this is just my opinion after i watch the first eps of each it can be right it can be true...or it can be too subjective and might not same with yours(the reader,if any...XD)

Highschool of the Dead

pretty much thriller...well just imagine like house of the dead or left4dead or any zombie games..but seems there will be a bit story here....ah and almost forgot...quite a lot of panty shot here and big boobs...


watching this anime reminds me of kojikan a lot....and chara wise i like kojikan more....well aside from that...i like hitoha(the smallest one of the triplets) and the story it self might be interesting....

Seitokai Yakuindomo

well this one reminds me with seitokai no ichizon...but on the other hand,it's not as good as ichizon to me....this anime got a bad luck on airing season...due to last season,most good animes are comedy genre(yeah,i didn't put anything bout last season,and the one before that). thanks to that i didn't laugh when i watch the first eps of this anime except when the short one state the reason why she likes high there are some jokes bout something that women wears which i have no clue...T.T

since the pic from mal only show 1 char >.< i have to upload it myself...

Amagami SS

if looking for romance i guess this is the best one for this season...can't say much,it's just basically romance and drama and seems to be a good one...

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

main chara is Aisaka taiga from toradora(tall ver) hahahaha...well since the title is Ookami-san so lets say it's a fusion of taiga and holo/horo(wolf x spice)...comedy with slight parody...well slight romance maybe...

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~

pretty much same as the first one,just continuation of it...still with it's FS and deka oppai....

Shukufuku no Campanella

can't really graps the story from the first eps..but got the feeling it's something like chii with aria's pace...

well that's all for to bed ^o^

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

saw the game on PA the other day....seems like a pretty old game though....
(ads : click the image below to sent me 1cent =P )

adventure with some romance and comedy and such..since the first eps telling some legend bout the hero stuff...similarity i guess it's similar to deltora quest(doubt lot's off ppl know this)...or maybe a bit similar to zero no tsukaima (though there won't be FS as much as zero and the main is a male,not a tsundere loli)...